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All Rotary Degassing Units from Foseco are backed by an experience of selling over 700 Units in India and 3000 Units globally. The knowledge of patented technology Rotor Geometries and apporpriate fluxes for specific applications and temperatures helps in maximizing the degassing and metal treatment results. All units are commissioned by a team of experienced and skilled team of Application Engineers using state of the art technologies for simulation of Degassing process and Hydrogen Measurement.

Hoistable Degassing Units for easy handling and excellent degassing in small crucible furnaces.
Stationary Degassing Units for best degassing results in ladles and furnaces.
Foseco Degasser Model :
Rotary degassing of liquid aluminium alloys is a widely used commercialm process to control levels of hydrogen, alkali metals and inclusions in the melt, prior to casting. A comprehensive theoretical understanding of the kinetics of aluminium degassing has been established in the past twenty years. A selection of different Foseco degas s ing rotor s has been characterised in a comprehensive experimental program. Tests have been carried out in both water model and foundry trials. The study results in an Internet based simulation software for degassing processes in foundries.
Movable Rotary Degassing Units for superior degassing and in multiple furnaces located in different places. Rotary Degassing also helps in flushing out of suspended oxides. Available in a variety of tailor made sizes and transpor t modes, viz . Mounted on Manual Trolley, Battery Operated Pallet Truck, Electrical Motor Controlled Movement or Gear Box Controlled Horizontal Movement on a Battery of Furnaces in a line.
MTS 1500 :
MTS 1500 Units based on Vortex principle for best in class degassing and cleaning of Aluminium Alloys, with ROI of very quick return on investement. The MTS Units help reduce the process time and operator dependence. Results are consistent, reproducable, recordable and easily controlled and optimized.