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Who we are?

V-square Foundry Products is a major trading organization providing silicon carbide crucibles and foundry fluxes and dycotes in Maharashtra. We offer complete technical guidance to nonferrous foundries for selection of crucibles, as well as advantages of using Foseco fluxes, crucibles & stands.

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Best Products

1. Crucibles
2. Foundry Capex
3. Consumables
4. Dycotes
5. Fluxes
6. Degassing Machine

Proper quality

Our focus is on adding value for our customers through innovative service enhancements and partnerships, improved process capability, casting yield, resource and efficiency.

Product Range

Silicon Carbide and Clay Graphite Crucibles, Rotary Degasser, Low pressure Stalk tubes, Thermocouple Sheaths, Accessories for countinuous Casting(non-ferrous), Stoppers and nozzles, Monolithics and precast shapes, Ceramic filters for all metals.